Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve Backshall

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In Deadly Dinosaurs, a brand new series for CBBC, award-winning presenter Steve Backshall is on the hunt for the most deadly animals to have ever walked the earth: dinosaurs.

In his explorer’s Dino Den Steve brings the dinosaurs back to life with holographic models and cutting edge CGI. He’ll be able to graphically hone in on the best bits, from double-edged teeth to tails that can move so fast they break the sound barrier.

Taking the action out of the lab, Steve performs a series of stunts and brutal physical challenges in order to get a sense of the scale and raw power that dinosaurs had. Using the latest technology, Steve becomes a dinosaur crash test dummy - donning wing suits and night-vision goggles to experience first-hand elements of dino design - on land, in the air and even under the sea.

Thanks to a series of huge engineering rigs, he recreates the power of an Ankylosaurs tail and the head butt of a Pachycephalosaurus. He puts dinosaurs to the test like never before, thanks to Spitfires, tanks, helicopters and monster trucks.

Each programme focuses on a theme, such as weapons, water or weirdness. Within every episode, a select handful of the best dinosaurs are reanimated in Steve’s state-of-the-art studio, where he can highlight the wonderful adaptations that enabled dinosaurs to rule the earth for millions of years. Along the way Steve uses his dino know-how to show how mysteries like dinosaur die-outs, which have perplexed scientists for decades, have now been solved.

In this episode of Deadly Dinosaurs Steve Backshall is on a mission to find the most dangerous dinosaur of all time. Using the latest technology and epic experiments he does whatever it takes to crown his king of the killers.

His search sees him chomp through a car like a T-Rex, wield an axe like an Allosaurus, before hitching a ride in the biggest tank in Britain to showcase the incredible size and power of Spinosaurus.

But which of these immense predators will come out on top?

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DateWednesday, 13 June 2018
Time5:25 PM -
5:55 PM
UpdatesConfirmed for CBBC on 13 June at 5.25pm to 5.55pm