A Very English Scandal

Confirmed for BBC One on 20 May at 9pm to 10pm

Ep 1/3

Sunday 20 May



It is 1960s England. Homosexuality is illegal and the politician Jeremy Thorpe (Hugh Grant) begins a whirlwind affair with a young stable hand, Norman Scott (Ben Whishaw). But when the relationship turns sour and Jeremy’s career goes from strength to strength, Norman becomes a secret that Jeremy is desperate to hide…

In 1967, Jeremy becomes the leader of the Liberal Party and the youngest leader of any British political party in 100 years - but as long as his ex-lover Norman is around, his brilliant career is at risk. Behind the oak-panelled doors of Parliament, Jeremy turns to his friends for decisive action. He can see only one way to silence Norman for good.

Written by Russell T Davies, based on the book by John Preston, and directed by Stephen Frears.

Hugh Grant plays Jeremy Thorpe, Ben Whishaw plays Norman Scott, Alex Jennings plays Peter Bessell, Patricia Hodge plays Ursula Thorpe, David Bamber plays Lord Arran, Jason Watkins plays Emlyn Hooson.