Confirmed for BBC Three on 29 March at 10am

Ep 1-4/4

Thursday 29 March

From 10.00am


Mother of two, Maxine Hancock (Lily Brazier) is a highly successful music manager, or so she keeps telling herself.

The reality is that she never made it to the big time as part of teenage pop band Variety and now finds herself in a new crisis when the girl group she manages threatens to drop her.

But Maxine has come up with a plan. A come back. This time bigger, bolder and older. Who cares about a hip young girl group anyway? What the world is really missing is Mum Pop.

Episode 1
Maxine is left with a dilemma when pop group Sweet Gyal (Savannah Steyn, Karla Simone Spence and Imogen Gurney) threaten to ditch her. Should she accept that her glory days are over, or reclaim the spotlight for herself?

Episode 2
With Sweet Gyal in the recording studio, Maxine’s on a mission to find her former bandmates and get Variety back to the big time. But reuniting with Mel (Amy Booth-Steel) isn’t the dream scenario she’d imagined. Meanwhile, her husband Neil (Nicholas Burns) tries to spice up their love life with advice from his best mate Mikey (Jim Howick) and a prostitute.

Episode 3
It’s Neil’s 40th, but Maxine has more important things on her mind. She needs a third band member, fast. But where do all the MILFs hang out? Unfortunately for Neil, Mikey hasn’t forgotten his big day, and he’s got a surprise in store.

Episode 4
With the new Variety line up in place it’s time to show Sweet Gyal what a real girl band looks like, and it doesn’t often look like this. Are the locals down The Plough ready for Mum Pop? As Maxine gets ready for the performance of a life time, Neil has a mid-life crisis and Mikey tries to save his relationship with Sarah the Brass (Alexis Strum).

Written by Lily Brazier and Ben Murray, with Steve Stamp as Script Consultant. Produced by Claire McCarthy and Executive Producer Jack Newman for Bullion Productions. Directed by Ben Murray.

Pictured: J-Bounce (Anthony Kaye), Maxine (Lily Brazier), Kim (Imogen Gurney), Chantal (Savannah Steyn) and Amber (Karla Simone Spence)