Troy: Fall Of A City

Ep 3/8

Saturday 3 March



Episode three: Siege

With the Greeks’ grip on the city tightening, Hector (Tom Weston-Jones) and Paris (Louis Hunter) embark on a dangerous journey to a nearby ally to ask for help. Relying on each other for survival will test and strengthen their bond but, when a familiar face tells Hector the disturbing truth about his brother, Hector is unnerved and the newfound kinship is threatened again.

Helen (Bella Dayne) begins to win over Andromache (Chloe Pirrie) and the people of Troy with her generosity, but she is unaware that the Greeks have devised an audacious plan to break into Troy and steal her back.

Also starring David Threlfall as Priam, Frances O’Connor as Hecuba, David Gyasi as Achilles, Joseph Mawle as Odysseus, Johnny Harris as Agamemnon, Aimee Ffion Edwards as Cassandra, Alex Lanipekun as Pandarus, Alfred Enoch as Aeneas, and David Avery as Xanthius.

Pictured: Achilles (David Gyasi) and Patroclus (Lemogang Tsipa)