Troy: Fall Of A City

Ep. 1/8 -

David Farr's (The Night Manager) visceral eight-part retelling of the fall of Troy comes to BBC One.

Episode One - Black Blood.

Told from the perspective of the Trojan family at the heart of the siege, Troy: Fall Of A City is an epic story of love, intrigue, betrayal and belonging. Combining thrilling adventure with heart-breaking intimacy, it explores primal emotions, the psychological repercussions of human actions and life-changing decisions amid the devastation and destruction of war.

Following a fateful encounter with the gods, the life of young herdsman Paris (Louis Hunter) changes forever. At the Troy city games he discovers something extraordinary about himself. Then, on a trip to Sparta as a guest of Menelaus (Jonas Armstrong) and Helen (Bella Dayne), he falls in love, with unpredictable and far-reaching consequences - provoking a conflict that threatens to bring an empire to its knees.

Troy: Fall Of A City also stars David Threlfall as Priam, Frances O’Connor as Hecuba, David Gyasi as Achilles, Joseph Mawle as Odysseus, Johnny Harris as Agamemnon, Tom Weston-Jones as Hector, Chloe Pirrie as Andromache, Aimee Ffion Edwards as Cassandra, Alex Lanipekun as Pandarus, Alfred Enoch as Aeneas, and David Avery as Xanthius.


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DateSaturday, 17 February 2018
Time9:10 PM -
10:10 PM
UpdatesConfirmed for BBC One on 17 February at 9.10pm to 10.10pm