My Life: Locked In Boy

Confirmed for CBBC on 5 February at 5.30pm to 6pm

Monday 5 February



My Life: Locked In Boy tells the remarkable and moving story of Jonathan, a smart, funny 10 year-old who, for eight years, was ‘locked in’ his own body, unable to speak or communicate.

Then, two years ago, his mother taught him to spell with his eyes using an alphabet Perspex board, like the one used by Stephen Hawking when he first lost the ability to speak. Today, surpassing everybody’s expectations, Jonathan has a reading age beyond his years, is writing poetry inspired by William Blake and is updating an internet blog to inspire young people going through tough times.

He is also on a mission to change the lives of children in a similar position to himself and to give them the voice that he was denied for so long. The film, in Jonathan’s own words and narrated by his best friend Lewis, follows him on that mission as he ventures to London to present a petition to MPs, meet his hero Michael Morpurgo, and inspires everyone around him with his sharp wit and sunny personality.

My Life: Locked In Boy is made by Sugar Films for CBBC.

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