Back In Time For Tea

Confirmed for BBC Two on 6 February at 8pm to 9pm

Ep 1/6

Tuesday 6 February



Meet the Ellis family - John, Lesley, Caitlin, Freya and Harvey. Over the course of one summer the Ellis family will travel Back in Time to discover how life has changed for ordinary working families in the north of England over the last 100 years.

Starting in 1918 they’ll experience first-hand the lives of previous generations, from the food people ate to the jobs they did and how they kicked back and enjoyed themselves.

In episode one the First World War has just ended and the North is on the cusp of great transformation.

Presenter Sara Cox and social historian Polly Russell introduce the family to 1918 living: their spacious home has been halved to become a traditional two up two down, they’re wearing clogs to work and dining on bread and lard - or tripe if they’re lucky.

Bradford-born Anita Rani introduces them to the pleasures of rambling, 1930s-style, and the family enjoy a rare bank holiday in Blackpool. But as the Ellis’s soon discover, just like the seaside town’s famous rollercoaster , life for working families was full of ups and downs.

Pictured: Freya, Lesley, Jon, Harvey and Caitlin,