Robot Wars

Confirmed for BBC Two on 22 October at 8pm to 9pm

Ep 1/6

Sunday 22 October



Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon are back with the most thrilling series of Robot Wars yet, along with unforgettable commentary from the legendary Jonathan Pearce.

The new series features an all-new competition format, that includes Robot Redemption, and the biggest battle in Robot Wars History, the Ten Robot Rumble…a ten robot, no time limit, last robot standing, fight to the death, to determine who takes the wildcard and final spot in the Grand Final.

This series has 30 ferocious fighting robots, with a few old favourites alongside some new and amazing machines, built by incredible roboteers, fighting in the purpose-built bullet-proof Robot Wars arena in Glasgow. The arena is even more dangerous this series, with the all new hazards The Fog Of War being added to the Dial Of Doom, causing chaos by filling the arena with a dense fog. As the robots are covered in this thick mist they are vulnerable to not only attacks from their opponents, but from our deadly house robots Dead Metal, Matilda, Shunt, and Sir Killalot.

The first five episodes are heats, with each episode featuring six teams, beginning with two fierce group robot battles, with the two winners automatically making it through to the semi-finals. The four losing robots have a final chance to redeem themselves in the Robot Redemption Knockouts in order to secure their place in the Semi-Finals.

The winning robots make it through to the heat final to determine who moves straight onto the Grand Final, with the runner up qualifying automatically for the ten robot rumble, and the remaining robots battling it out for third place and one of the remaining spots in the rumble.

The Grand Final features the heat winners of the previous five episodes - alongside the winner of the ten robot rumble - returning to battle for the coveted Robot Wars trophy. But who will be crowned Robot Wars Champion?