The Silkworm

Ep 1/2

Sunday 10 September



Strike’s agency is busy after the Lula Landry success. Yet when Leonora Quine asks him to track down her missing husband - the novelist Owen Quine - he takes on her case.

He speaks to Quine’s agent Liz Tassell, who was furious because Quine’s latest book, Bombyx Mori, libeled many people.

Strike is pained by a picture of his ex Charlotte and her new fiancé on the cover of a magazine, while his meeting with Robin’s fiancé Matthew is very awkward. 

Strike learns that Quine’s mistress, Kathryn Kent, was hurt by her depiction in Bombyx Mori and then discovers that Quine co-owned a house with a rival novelist, Andrew Fancourt. He finds the Quine’s body there, disemboweled and surrounded by plates. Robin shows him Bombyx Mori - Quine's grisly killing matching the death of the hero.

DI Richard Anstis instantly suspects Leonora, but Strike is unconvinced. When Matthew’s mum dies, Robin is torn between personal and professional priorities. She chooses to help Strike and drives him to Devon to see Quine’s publisher (Chard) rather than going to Yorkshire with Matthew. Chard thinks Quine didn’t write the book alone - he suspects Jerry Waldegrave (Quine’s Editor).

Robin confronts Strike about her desire to be an investigator, and he tells her that it will be difficult if Matthew doesn’t support her. They rush back to London and Robin only just catches her train to Yorkshire. Strike hears that Leonora has been arrested.