The Met: Policing London

Wednesday 21 June



Filmed over the course of a year, The Met: Policing London follows officers of Britain’s biggest and busiest police service as they deal with life, death, crime and its victims, all across the capital.

PC Paul Molyneux is on the hunt for Ealing’s most wanted burglars. Staking out the parked car of a well-known criminal Paul and his colleague Katy are thrown into a 60mph car chase when he fails to stop for them. Frustrated by the short sentences given to some burglars by the courts, Paul’s ready for retirement. We follow his final days after a thirty-year career with The Met.

In Newham, East London, a group of drug dealers are operating in an area, believed to control much of the drug supply for East London. Local residents describe it as a no go area and it’s up to Detective Colin Stow and his team to solve the problem. Working undercover to take down as many of them as possible, they reveal the inner workings of the drug trade and their attempts to stop it thriving on the streets of London.

A crucial lead has just come through for murder detectives investigating the tragic death of an elderly man in North London. DNA found on a cigarette at the crime scene has given them their first suspect in a case they’ve been trying to crack for the last eight months. Detectives now have 24 hours to interview him before he can be charged or let go.