Stargazing Live Australia

Ep 3/3

Thursday 30 March



Join Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain live from Australia, as they complete their three-night mission to bring you the most glorious sights of the southern night sky.

From their remote mountain top beside the vast Warrumbungle National Park, Brian and Dara will be sharing another night of beautiful views, wandering kangaroos and spectacular landscapes. In the company of Liz Bonnin and with Australian outback-astronomer Greg Quicke as their guide to the southern sky, they’ll be revealing how the apparently monochrome sky at night is in fact a riot of glorious colour. From vast clouds of glowing hydrogen, to glittering multicolour stars and the alien landscapes of distant planets, we’ll reveal the universe in all its glory.

Brian and Dara will also reveal how Australia, from its position facing the heart of our Milky Way galaxy, is on the front line when it comes to protecting our planet, whether it be from the threat of a giant asteroid impact, or from contact with alien life. Liz Bonnin will demonstrate how telescopes here on the mountain-top help us to track threatening asteroids 24 hours a day, and will reveal how the Australian outback contains secrets that NASA hopes will lead it to alien life on Mars.

Finally, Brian and Dara will reveal whether our viewers have managed to find the planet missing from our solar system.

Pictured: Liz Bonnin with Professor Martin Van Kranendonk of the University of New South Wales, exploring Australia’s Mars-like Pilbara desert in search of ancient life forms.