Stargazing Live

Ep 2/3

Wednesday 29 March



Stargazing Live is back for a second night of spectacular views from Australia. Join Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain live as they complete another long night under the stars down under, and watch the glorious stars of the southern sky gradually twinkle away to reveal the coming dawn.

Australian astronomer Greg Quicke will be revealing more ancient tales from the indigenous astronomers of Australia, explaining why the moon looks upside down in Australia, and showing us the remarkable link between the moon and the Great Barrier Reef. Meanwhile Liz Bonnin discovers that the whole of Australia is on the move - which doesn’t help GPS users one bit.

One lucky group of viewers will show off the results of their chance to take over one of the hi-tech telescopes at Siding Spring, while our hidden cameras will reveal some of the wildlife with whom Brian and Dara are sharing the mountain top. Plus, we’ll hear from some of the astronomers who live here on how they cope with the threat of scorching heat, venomous beasties and catastrophic bush fires.

From their remote mountain top at the world famous Siding Spring Observatory, Brian and Dara once again bring us unprecedented views of the glorious Milky Way. And shining brightly among all those stars will be tonight’s special treats - perfectly positioned planets, including an unbeatable view of Saturn. Due to a quirk in planetary alignments, this will be a view that no-one in the UK will enjoy for another decade. Fully lit by the sun, with its rings proudly on display, we’ll be getting the best possible views of the planet thanks to the colossal telescopes at the site.

Pictured: Stargazing Live’s Greg Quicke meets coral expert Dr Greg Torda of the Australian Institute of Marine Science.