Postman Pat: SDS

Wednesday 29 March



It’s a snowy day in Greendale, and Ted Glen has invited the kids to his workshop to meet his friend, space expert Professor Farrow. Julian’s excited, but so is Pat, who has always yearned to be an astronaut. He’s even more thrilled when he finds that his special delivery is a space suit - an extra surprise for the kids.

When his van breaks down in a snowy lane, he finds an ingenious solution - only to suffer a puncture - and Ted is unable to help.

Meanwhile, Professor Farrow and Lauren take the kids out into the snow and re-create the surface of the moon. Pat’s determined to make his delivery, but how will he make it on foot through the snow?

As the kids perfect their snowy 'moon', a space-suited figure approaches - Pat in the space suit. Mission Accomplished!