The Big Painting Challenge

Ep 3/6

Sunday 26 February



There are eight amateur artists still in the frame, and they’ll be taking a walk on the wild side this week as the competition once again gets trickier.

This time they’re heading to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo to paint animals. Capturing that spark of life whilst stood in front of a living, breathing, wild creature is incredibly tricky, so mentors Pascal and Diana are on hand to help every step of the way.

First up they get in a flap as they face the flamingos. The deceivingly simple form of these feisty birds trips some of our artists up - and as ever the judges don’t spare anyone’s blushes when they pass comment on the efforts. From graceful birds to lumbering animals, the easels are moved to the elephant enclosure and the artists come face to face with these magnificent creatures. With the judges looking for the artists to convey a sense of life, the texture of the skin and the sheer size of the elephants, who will rise to the challenge and whose efforts will be more Dumbo than dramatic?

The public panel vote will vote to keep one artist in the competition and it's the judges who decide whose time in the competition is up. Mariella Frostrup and the Rev. Richard Coles are our bright-eyed and bushy-tailed hosts.