The Big Painting Challenge

Confirmed for BBC One on 12 February at 6pm to 7pm

Ep 1/6

Sunday 12 February



Ten enthusiastic amateur painters, all bursting with potential, are ready to flex their paintbrushes in this artistic competition.

Each week they face two challenges, but they are not alone as they have the help of a mentor to nurture them and guide them to release their inner Da Vincis. Their paintings will be scrutinised by the panel of judges and one of the artists each week will be sent home.

This week the artists are taking on Still Life.

In the first challenge, facing a table laden with objects, can the artists keep their cool as they paint under pressure for the first time? Mentors Diana Ali and Pascal Anson demonstrate some handy tips for any artist approaching a still life - will the artists take their advice or ignore it?

In the second challenge, the artists have to take on another Still Life, this time on a much larger scale. Half the artists must tackle a set based on Vincent van Gogh’s painting, Bedroom In Arles, and the other half must interpret Roy Lichtenstein's Interior With Waterlilies. Wrestling with oil paint, sight-lines and proportions, the artists set out to express their artistic personalities on canvas.

At a private viewing the results are seen by members of the public, who can give their favourite artist an automatic pass through to the next round. Then it is up to the judges Lachlan Goudie, Daphne Todd OBE and Dr David Dibosa to deliver their verdicts on our amateurs’ artistic merits and to decide which of them will be sent home.

Hosted by Mariella Frostrup and the Rev. Richard Coles, the search begins for the winner of the Big Painting Challenge 2017.