Andrew Marr: My Brain And Me

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In 2013 one of Britain’s most respected political broadcasters, Andrew Marr, had a stroke which threatened his life and his career. Now, in a new one-off documentary, Andrew reveals his personal story of recovery and takes an in-depth look into the fabric of what makes us who we are: our brains.

Andrew shares the highs and lows of his journey and his private determination to recover. Intensive physiotherapy has restored some movement to his left side, but having made limited progress in the last year Andrew decides to explore a range of new and cutting-edge stroke treatments, and heads to Florida to see if a newly-developed treatment will help improve movement on his left side.

The film follows Andrew’s progress over the last year, a year in which the political anchorman has had to cope with the pressures of the Brexit vote and consequent change in Prime Minister - in his own words "the biggest story I've ever covered" - whilst also managing a new book, two other documentaries and his regular weekly television and radio shows. All this from a man who believes that over-work and stress could have brought him and his brain to the brink of death.

For the first time Andrew returns to the hospital that saved his life and meets the consultant who told his family he might die. With interviews from some of his closest family and friends we gain an insight into Andrew the man and the struggles every stroke victim faces once the immediate medical crisis is over.

Andrew meets fellow stroke survivors whose brains have been affected in different parts and in different ways - from a man who can no longer recognise his wife after 26 years of marriage, to a woman who struggles to speak but can sing beautifully. He joins the doctors who are trying to solve the mysteries of these people’s conditions and therefore some of the mysteries of the most complex of organs - the brain.

Andrew Marr: My Brain And Me provides a rare opportunity to understand the scientific machinations of our grey matter, as well as the personal impact of suddenly losing brain and motor function, through the intimate story of one of the great brains of our generation.

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DateTuesday, 14 February 2017
Time9:00 PM -
10:00 PM
UpdatesConfirmed for BBC Two on 14 February at 9pm to 10pm