Victorian Bakers At Christmas

Ep 1/1

Sunday 25 December



Victorian Bakers is back for Christmas. In this one-off special, our four professional bakers discover the role their trade played in creating Christmas as we know it today.

Historians Alex Langlands and Annie Gray are on hand to tell the fascinating story of how a riotous mid-winter break, stretching into January, became a more respectable family-based occasion on 25 December.

Long lost recipes include mammoth ‘twelfth cakes’, bread-based punch and the Queen Victoria’s mincemeat pies made from roast beef, (replaced with humble tripe for the masses). The Victorian bakers’ oven was used for everything from Christmas tree decorations to Christmas roasts for entire communities.

Featuring hosts, Alex Langlands and Annie Gray, and with bakers, John Foster, Duncan Glendinning, Harpreet Baura and John Swift.