The Dumping Ground

Confirmed for CBBC on 30 September at 4.30pm to 5pm

Friday 30 September



Warwick Davis joins his daughter Annabelle as he guest stars in the award-winning drama The Dumping Ground.

Upset by a surprise her mum springs on her, Sasha asks to be put up for fostering - but she’s shocked when she learns a couple want to adopt her. There’s another surprise when she meets Lou and Ange: they’re small people, like her. Sasha’s wary at first but gradually warms to them. When they take her out for the day, she spends most of her time talking about her mum and her brothers, and starts to realise that she’s not as ready to give up on her family as she thought.

Sasha is played by Annabelle Davis, Lou by Warwick Davis and Ange by Francesca Papagno.

The Dumping Ground is filmed in the North-East of England and follows in the footsteps of multi-award-winning dramas The Story Of Tracy Beaker and Tracy Beaker Returns. Inspired by Jacqueline Wilson and set in a children’s home, it follows the lives of the diverse group of young people who live there, combining the anarchic activities of this alternative family with tough and emotional storylines.