Shaun The Sheep

Confirmed for CBBC on 5 - 9 September at 6pm to 6.10pm

Ep 1-5

Monday 5 September to Friday 9 September



Shaun and the gang are back for a side-splitting new series, for more outrageous behaviour, sheepish shenanigans and panic in the pasture.

This series Shaun is introduced to a number of new visitors at Mossy Bottom Farm including: lazy farmhands, rock stars, troublesome moles and hedgehogs and even escaped convicts! We also see Bitzer begin to reconnect with his inner-dog, the pigs adopting a far more sophisticated persona and Shaun discovering the importance of a good hairstyle.

Episode Synopsis
Out Of Order
When the farmer gets stuck in the Loo, Bitzer has to get vital supplies to him as a matter of urgency. His is initial efforts end in failure and he drafts in Shaun and the gang to help out.

Karma Farmer
The Farmer is stressed out and has had enough of the farm and it’s inhabitants. He storms off for a break, suitcase in hand, only to reappear almost immediately, the same, but somehow different. The farm is transformed into a hippy commune where work and chores are abolished and the animals are encouraged to express themselves...

Turf Wars
Battle ensues when the pigs muscle in on Shaun’s private club and steal all the pizza. Shaun, Bitzer and the flock mount a rescue mission for Timmy, whom the pigs have taken hostage.

A Prickly Problem
Timmy decides to helps the hedghogs find a resting place for the night. His efforts, however, lead his weary friends into a series a scrapes rather than giving them a good night’s sleep.

The farm is paid an unexpected visit from an escapee from the nearby prison who takes refuge in the Barn. After a short while with Shaun and the gang, though, prison doesn’t seem such a bad option.