Night Tube: The First Weekend

Confirmed for BBC Three on 28 August from 4pm

Ep 1/1

Sunday 28 August

Time to be confirmed

After almost a year of delays and much anticipation, the Night Tube service on the London Underground finally opens on Friday 19 August - and BBC Three will be there.

New BBC Three documentary exclusive: Night Tube: The First Weekend

For the first time in the Tube’s 150 year history it will be offering a 24-hour service, and BBC Three is the only broadcaster with full access throughout the opening weekend. We’ll meet the passengers enjoying the benefits of an overnight service after a big night out, or travelling to work at an unsociably early hour.

And what of those responsible for the smooth running of the service? From the drivers on their first night shifts, to staff manning the stations around the clock and behind the scenes in the late night control room, we’ll discover what it takes to keep nocturnal London moving.

There will be a series of exclusive videos for social platforms and a longer form film for BBC iPlayer and YouTube.