Professor Green: Dangerous Dogs

Available on BBC Three from 4pm on Tuesday 21 June

Tuesday 21 June

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As UK dog attacks reach an all-time high*, in his latest investigative documentary for BBC Three, Professor Green, aka Stephen Manderson, delves into the murky world of illegal dogs.

In the last decade in the UK, 26 people have been killed by dogs and hospitalizations have risen by 76%.* Investigating the truth behind the worrying and growing figures, Stephen sets out to challenge perceptions of what we consider dangerous breeds and - 25 years since the controversial Dangerous Dogs Act was introduced - wants to find out whether the law is making things better or worse.

Stephen finds that many Pit Bulls still exist under the radar, and meets young men whose illegal dogs are trained to attack. As a Bull breed owner himself, Stephen has experienced prejudice against status dogs and their owners, and wants to know if a banned breed necessarily determines a dangerous dog.

But how do you tell what is deemed illegal? Meeting owners who have unknowingly acquired banned breeds, including one whose dog may be facing a death sentence, Stephen finds that their lives can depend on the authorities' strict assessments, as he meets with the Head of the Met Police Status Dog Unit. He also meets the family of Jade Anderson, a 14-year-old girl killed in a tragic dog attack, as they call for a change in the way the law handles dog ownership.

Having identified issues with the current laws, Stephen comes to question how far society is from improving the growing problem, and asks whether making all owners more accountable for their dogs - as opposed to banning breeds entirely – will make for a better solution.

Alongside the documentary, BBC Three will release three short films from the same filmmakers, including a film on the hidden world of dog fighting; a film on dogs facing euthanasia in Battersea Dogs Home; and another on families trying to train their aggressive dogs.

Produced by Antidote Productions and executive produced by Laura Jones and Leila Monks from Antidote. Commissioned and executive produced for the BBC by Danny Horan, Commissioning Editor, Documentaries.

* Source here.