Jamie Johnson

Ep 1/3

Monday 13 June



To celebrate the Euros, CBBC presents Jamie Johnson - a brand new three-part drama based on the best-selling books by Dan Freedman. The series follows Jamie, an 11 year-old boy who dreams of becoming a famous footballer. It may be a fantasy for most kids but Jamie has the talent to make his dreams come true.

Jamie is a seriously gifted footballer who is capable of going all the way, but when his dad leaves them, he and his mum are forced to move in with his granddad.

Now Jamie has to start at a new school mid-term. With his amazing footballing skills Jamie should have no problem fitting in with the cool kids, but his new friend Jack is disgusted when she witnesses him being cruel to the class geek, Boggy.

Jamie eventually sees the error of his ways and makes amends with Boggy, but in the process he finds an enemy in the school bully, Dillon.

When a horrified Jamie sees his mum getting close to another man it makes him all the more determined to track down his missing dad.