The Forum: Brain Drain - Can We Stem The Flow?

Tuesday 17 May



As globalisation enables the transit and relocation of people more quickly and easily, The Forum examines the impact on countries that desperately need to keep their skilled and talented labour.

Recorded at the Going Global conference in Cape Town, South Africa, Quentin Cooper (pictured) and guests discuss what issues need addressing to persuade a critically important workforce to stay - or return - home and the possible solutions. Other than making it deliberately difficult to leave, the programme explores what strategies nations could employ to train and retain their brightest and most creative people.

Guests include:
Professor Xie Tao, Professor of Political Science at the School of English and International Studies at The Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Dr Jo Beall, Director Education and Society at the British Council and former Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Town.

Professor Olusola Oyewole, Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University of Agriculture in Nigeria.

Carolyn Medel-Anonuevo, Deputy Director of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning and currently Senior Programme Specialist (Education), UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa.

Dr. Minella C. Alarcon, Deputy Chair of CHED, the Commission for Higher Education in the Philippines.