The Revenge

Friday 19 February



In 1978 a bold experimental drama broadcast on Radio 3. Its guiding premise was simple, but seemingly impossible. Could a radio play tell a story in terms of sounds alone?

In The Revenge there is no dialogue and no coherent speech, yet the play is a thriller with a straightforward storyline, full of action and dramatic tension.

It was written by and stars Andrew Sachs. It was his idea, and he was inspired by an interview with the playwright Tom Stoppard. He thought that in radio drama it should be possible to write a play where sound effects were more important than dialog.

Born in Berlin in 1930, Andrew Sachs is probably best known for playing Manuel in BBC TVs comedy Fawlty Towers. But he has a very long association with BBC Radio, including playing G.K. Chesterton’s sharp witted sleuth, Father Brown, for Radio 4’s Father Brown Stories.

The play was recorded on location using the naturalistic recording techniques of ‘binaural stereo’.

First heard on Radio 3 in 1978.

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