Ep 5/6

Friday 19 February



Perez continues to investigate the double murder case, while struggling to deal with the attack on Tosh. And a shocking discovery leads him to the identity of the person that victim Michael Thompson was going to testify against.

Barefoot and traumatised, Tosh finally turns up in a local Glasgow police station. Despite her initial claim to have only been kidnapped, Tosh eventually confides in Perez the shocking truth of what really happened to her.

Perez recognises that the attack was an attempt to warn him off lines of enquiry that he and Tosh were pursuing regarding Glasgow club Level Nine, but Tosh is determined to carry on regardless.

Tosh unearths an assault that took place in Level Nine over a decade ago, but her investigation stalls when she finds that all records regarding the incident are missing or incomplete. Suspecting a cover-up, Perez, Tosh, Sandy and Billy dedicate themselves to tracking down the assault victim - Kelly Paterson.

As they search for Kelly, Perez is approached by Calvin Sarwar, McCall’s lawyer, who reveals that he no longer wants to work for the gangster but fears reprisals if he walks away. In an attempt to show good faith, Calvin then provides Perez with a clue to the identity of Tosh’s attacker.

Kelly finally comes forward and recounts the horrific details of her assault. The name of the man who attacked her is a shocking revelation for Perez and sends the case in a new direction, with powerful repercussions.

Perez is played by Douglas Henshall, Tosh by Alison O’Donnell, Sandy by Steven Robertson, Billy by Lewis Howden, Kelly Paterson by Claire Dargo and Calvin Sarwar by Ace Bhati.

An ITV Studios production for BBC One through BBC Scotland, Shetland is adapted from characters based on the award-winning novels by writer Ann Cleeves. 

Pictured: DI Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall), Kelly (Claire Dargo)

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