Rebus - A Question Of Blood

Ep 1/2

Saturday 13 February



Rebus - A Question Of Blood is a thriller by Ian Rankin, which is dramatised in two parts by Chris Dolan.

When a known criminal dies in a house fire the forensic evidence suggests he was murdered before the fire started. Rebus – the last person to see the victim alive – becomes the main suspect. Meanwhile, a fatal shooting at a private school near Edinburgh unexpectedly leads Rebus to an army helicopter crash on Jura in a case involving diamonds and drug smuggling.

DI Rebus….Ron Donachie
Siobhan Clarke….Gayanne Potter
DI Hogan….Brian Ferguson
DCI Templer….Sarah Collier
Bell….Brian Pettifer
Miss Teri….Nicola Roy
Whiteread….Veronica Leer
Peacock….Gavin Mitchell
Kate….Eilidh McCormick
Brimson….Kenny Blyth
James….Alasdair Hankinson
Fogg….Paul Young

Other parts played by the cast.

Producer/Bruce Young for the BBC

BBC Radio 4 Publicity