Danger Mouse

Confirmed for CBBC on Monday 15 to Friday 19 February at 7.25am to 7.35am

Ep 1-5/12

Monday 15 February to Friday 19 February



Following Danger Mouse’s critically acclaimed comeback to CBBC in the autumn, the world’s greatest secret agent is back on duty to carry out a new series of top secret assignments as he protects the world, its parallel universes, and Willesden Green from a host of villainous rogues.

Action and comedy collide in these animated adventures, which see Danger Mouse and his ever-faithful sidekick Penfold take on more mind-blowing missions, aided by old and new allies and all manner of tech-defying gadgets, including the trusty iPatch with its multiple state of the art functions.

There’s serious monkey business in Monday’s episode when Danger Mouse and Penfold have to thwart a Victorian time-travelling chimp, Isambard King Kong Brunel, from uninventing the world.

On Tuesday Danger Mouse considers a change of career when all the other Danger Agents become super-smart, due to a batch of genetically enhanced celery.

There’s double trouble in Wednesday’s episode when an evil version of Danger Mouse escapes from a parallel dimension and joins forces with Baron Greenback.

On Thursday Danger Mouse and Penfold become reluctant parents when it appears the Baron has accidentally wiped his own memory in his bid to fill London with memory-wiping gas.

And Friday sees the return of the villainous vegetarian vampire Count Duckula, who is determined to take over the world with a chorus-line of formidable dancing vegetables…

Danger Mouse features the voices of Alexander Armstrong, Kevin Eldon, Stephen Fry, Shauna Macdonald, Rasmus Hardiker, Kayvan Novak and Dave Lamb in the role of The Narrator.