Chinese New Year: The Biggest Celebration On Earth

Confirmed for BBC Two on 16 February at 9pm to 10pm

Ep 3/3

Tuesday 16 February



Kate Humble and Ant Anstead present the final programme from Hong Kong, looking at what happens right after New Year. This great port city is a strange mix of ultra-modern and traditional.

Kate trains with a top Dragon Dancing Troupe and discovers that not only is it a highly demanding Kung Fu-based art, it is also taken very seriously, as Hong Kong people sincerely embrace the tradition of the lucky dragon at New Year.

Meanwhile The Hairy Bikers are in Beijing at the Temple Fair, where they explore a tradition from Imperial China where the Emperor starts the New Year by renewing his mandate of heaven.

And finally - Chinese New Year wouldn't be complete without fireworks. Their loud bangs are believed to ward off evil spirits at this time of year. Ant goes to Liuyang, the city that produces nearly all of China’s fireworks. They even have a temple here to the inventor of fireworks, where workers still pay homage to the monk, Li Tian, who started it all.

And back in Hong Kong we experience the most extraordinary fireworks display on the planet, as millions of Hong Kong dollars go up in smoke over the famous harbour.