Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures

Ep 1/10

Monday 15 February



Andy is back at the National Museum, and with the help of his trusty old time-travelling grandfather clock he’s about to set off on an epic journey to visit the dinosaurs and the ice age beasts that once roamed our planet.

Helped by his new, tech-savvy assistant Jen (Puja Panchkoty) and hindered by the accident-prone Janitor (Les Bubb), Andy’s adventures stretch across 170 million years of pre-history, as he searches for the last piece needed for his latest museum exhibit. But can he find it and get back to the museum before his new boss Mrs Pickles (Elaine Claxton) turns up?

The innovative and exciting factual drama series vividly brings the prehistoric world and its inhabitants to life. Through steaming swamps and scorching deserts, Andy comes face to face with ferocious predators, such as the carnivorous Spinosaurus, bigger than a T-Rex; and meets the mighty Argentinosaurus, a 30-metre-long giant, one of largest animals ever to have walked on land.

But this time it’s not just dinosaurs on Andy’s sightseeing list: there are also the weird and wonderful beasts that followed in their footsteps – Woolly Mammoths, Sabre Toothed Cats, even our very own ancient relatives, the Neanderthals.

Whether Andy finds himself in the depths of an ancient ocean, swimming with the graceful Plesiosaurs, or high in volcanic skies with Hatzegopteryx, a flying reptile as tall as a giraffe, he’s always ready to take us on a thrilling and enlightening adventure into our planet’s prehistoric past.

In the first episode, Andy embarks on another exciting prehistoric adventure, travelling back 95 million years in search of an eggshell belonging to one of the biggest animals to ever walk the Earth.