Girls Can Code

Tuesday 15 September



This is a talent show with a difference - the girls taking part don’t think they’ve got the talent for it!

Radio 1’s Alice Levine takes five girls who can take selfies, to see if they can take on the male-dominated world of digital technology. Half of all gamers are women - but only four percent code them. Only seven of the richest 100 tech billionaires are female.

East End girl Ellie, art student Daisy, science boffin Neelam, fashion grad Tolani and wannabe millionaire Arooj go on a crash course in the testosterone-fueled worth of tech, to see if they can buck the trend and get a slice of the action.

The girls are set a simple challenge: to come up with a viable tech business idea in just two weeks. If it’s good enough, they’ll get to pitch it to the best-of-the-best, and maybe even get a job out of it. It’s a rollercoaster journey - they’ll crunch code, prototype products, and unleash unique apps. But can they go from digital zeroes to start-up heroes?

Along the way girls are helped by some of the most successful and inspirational people in the UK tech industry - including millionaire entrepreneur and tech-business founder Alex Depledge, who joins Alice and the girls every step of their way.

A trip to London College of Fashion shows the girls how technology is having an impact in all walks of their life - from the fashion-show runway to finding new make-up. Then at a computer games company an unscheduled ‘comfort break’ leads to mobile gaming gold.

The first big lesson in tech is that making millions isn't really about learning to code: success comes when you follow your passion.

Part of the BBC's Make it Digital season, which tells the story of how British pioneers have helped shape the digital world. It aims to inspire a new generation to get creative with coding, programming and digital technology.