Mountain Goats

Ep 1/6

Friday 14 August



Set around the antics of a ragtag group of Mountain Rescue volunteers, new sitcom Mountain Goats celebrates the Highlands of Scotland, with proper kilt wearing maniacs fighting disaster on a weekly basis against the stunning backdrop of the Glencoe hills.

When our heroes aren’t out rescuing people, or being rescued themselves, they spend their time in The Old Goat pub - a place of great warmth and camaraderie, where people come in for a quick pint and never want to leave.

The regulars in the pub are Jimmy (Jimmy Chisholm), an old school mountain goat with a fag burn in his jumper and a glint of mischief in his bloodshot eyes, the wild and mysterious Bill (David Ireland), Bernie, (Kathryn Howden) a cheery, hard-working woman, who keeps the others on the straight and narrow, and Conor, (Kevin Mains) a handsome, easy-going young man who is more than a little bit naive. Their HQ is in the local pub, and the landlady is Jules (Sharon Rooney) - a formidable force of nature who’ll have you out on your ear at the first sign of trouble.

Pictured: Bill (David Ireland), Bernie (Kathryn Howden), Jimmy Miller (Jimmy Chisholm), Jules (Sharon Rooney), Conor (Kevin Mains).