Brideshead Revisited

Ep 1/4

Tuesday 26 May



Marking the 70th anniversary of its publication, BBC Radio 4 Extra features the 2003 four-part adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s classic work.

Given renewed prominence in Granada Television’s rendition in 1981, this adaptation of Brideshead Revisited features Ben Miles (Thomas Cromwell in the RSC’s Wolf Hall) as Charles Ryder and Jamie Bamber (NCIS and Star Trek Continues) as Sebastian Flyte.

In addition to being feted as one of the greatest ever English-language novels, author Evelyn Waugh himself referred to Brideshead Revisited as his ‘magnum opus’. Written in 1943, when the author was recovering from a parachute accident, the plot is largely set in the splendid surroundings of Brideshead Castle. Written to reflect Waugh’s conversion to Catholicism, the story concerns the complicated relationships within the Marchmain family during World War Two.

Adapted for radio by Jeremy Front and directed by Marion Nancarrow.

First broadcast on Radio 4 in 2003.

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