Being Me - A Newsround Special

Tuesday 31 March

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This Newsround Special explores how kids think about their looks and the ways that affects their lives.

Millie herself knows what it is like to have body confidence issues. She says: “I love acting and want to do it forever but it wasn’t long ago that I didn’t even have the confidence to face my own friends. Sometimes other kids would tease me about the way I looked, whether it’s specky four eyes or shorty. It all really hurts and can knock your confidence. I am not on my own.” This programme encourages children to question the realities of media images instead of questioning their own self-worth and shows how body image and beauty can vary around the world and how even some of our biggest pop stars can be affected. Singer/songwriter Meghan Trainor is interviewed about her body image issues from her childhood. She describes how a comment from her best friend sometimes still affects her today but how she has tried to overcome it. And four children take part in an experiment to examine if their view of themselves differs from that of their family and friends. The programme is part of a multi-platform Newsround special which also includes a series of short celebrity films online. The films interview the likes of Oscar winning actress Julianne Moore, athlete Louis Smith and singer Simon Webbe who talk about their body image issues growing up and includes photographs of them as children. They will be available from March 31st at