Bluestone 42

Confirmed for BBC Three on 9 March at 10pm to 10.30pm

Ep 1/6

Monday 9 March



Critically acclaimed comedy Bluestone 42 returns for a third series following the lives, loves and adventures of a fictional bomb disposal detachment in Afghanistan.

In the opening episode, we rejoin Bluestone 42 after an IED explosion has hit their mastiff, and they find themselves trapped in hostile territory. Not all of them come out of the vehicle unscathed and the team faces a dilemma: do they wait it out, or risk an ambush to get back to safety?

Bird has to step up to lead the unit, while trying to deal with her unresolved feelings for Nick – which lead to a barrage of mockery from everyone else. Mac and Rocket don’t let the Taliban get in the way of their games as they play ‘punching people in the face’.