Vic And Bob's House Of Fools

Confirmed for BBC Two on 16 February at 10.00pm to 10.30pm

Ep 1/6

Monday 16 February



Vic and Bob’s critically acclaimed comedy returns for a second series, bursting at the scenes with slapstick fun and jokes once again.

Set in Bob's home, the show once again stars larger than life lothario Beef (Matt Berry) alongside Vic's brother Bosh (Dan Skinner) and Bob's sulky son Eric (Daniel Simonsen) while their eccentric neighbour, Julie (Morgana Robinson) starts the new series by opening a bistro.

In tonight’s opener, Bob feels it is high time his 23- year-old son learns about the ‘birds and the biscuits’ and with Vic and Beef’s help arranges a blind date for Erik at Julie's Bistro.

With their band’s debut gig also due to take place at Julie’s that night, Vic and Bob are having musical differences. Will Beef’s cunning plan save the day?

Despite Erik’s problems in selecting an appropriate outfit for his big night out, his date with Rachel (played by new regular cast member Ellie White) goes surprisingly well. Has Erik finally met his match?

Vic and Bob’s House of Fools is a BBC In-house Comedy production in association with Pett Productions. The series producer is Lisa Clark (Pett) and the executive producer is Richard Webb. The director is Nick Wood.