The Gift

Confirmed for BBC One on 10 February at 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Ep 1/4

Tuesday 10 February



In The Gift, a brand new series for BBC One, presenters Matt Baker and Mel Giedroyc follow the extraordinary, sometimes difficult, but ultimately heart-warming stories of people who missed the chance to say thank you or sorry when it mattered most.

From lives that were saved by incredible acts of bravery, to regretful acts that leave a powerful need to seek forgiveness, there are certain words, which left unsaid, can lead to a lifetime of regret. The show embarks on a journey taking us from the remotest parts of Africa to the Hollywood Hills.

In 1987 soldier Patrick Provis was left fighting for his life after being hit by an IRA mortar. But facing extraordinary dangers, an army helicopter flew in to rescue him and Patrick survived. Now desperate to draw a line under the trauma that continues to haunt him, Patrick can’t rest until he’s thanked the person who took the decision to rescue him. But so far his 20 year search to find the person who saved his life has drawn a blank. With military records from the Troubles shrouded in secrecy, what are the chances of Matt succeeding where Patrick has failed?

For the past 60 years Grace Bates has been desperate to apologise to Hermann, the first man she ever loved. They met as teenagers in the 1950s, but a terrible mistake by Grace left Hermann heartbroken and he emigrated to America. Now in her 70s, Grace is determined to find Hermann but time is running out. But if Mel can find Hermann, how will he feel about Grace reappearing in his life, and will he accept her apology?