Bob Servant

Ep 1/3

Monday 9 February



Bob Servant is back with a new series of the Scottish Bafta-nominated comedy. Bob (Brian Cox), and Frank (Jonathan Watson) have thrown themselves into their first love - the burger van business.

Bob confidently predicts that his cheeseburgers will act as an aphrodisiac for the women of Broughty Ferry, but matters of the heart soon lead our brave duo astray. When Frank reveals that he is in a relationship with his swimming instructor, Dorothy (Anita Vettesse), Bob’s jealousy tests their friendship to breaking point.  As Bob explains to Frank: “Cheeseburger van men are like members of a boy band. The public need to think we’re romantically available.”

Creator of Bob Servant and writer Neil Forsyth says: “I’m absolutely delighted that Bob, Frank and the rest of Broughty Ferry’s finest are about to be thrust once more upon the nation. Bob’s never been more ambitious and this time it’s rubbed off on wee Frank. This is a series about love, friendship and the horrific reality of life on a failing cheeseburger van. So, something for everyone.”