My Life: Mr Alzheimers And Me

Confirmed for CBBC on 4 February at 5.30pm to 6.00pm

Wednesday 4 February



The Bafta award-winning and critically acclaimed documentary series My Life returns to CBBC in February. Mr Alzheimers And Me follows three young people who tell their very personal stories of living with grandparents who have dementia.

Ella, Hope and Joshua have one thing in common, they all have a grandparent with dementia. But you don’t stop loving your grandparents just because they are ill and sometimes don't remember you, so the three children each decide to do something to help.

Nine year-old Hope from Cardiff has lived with Mary, her Nanna, since her mum died two years ago. Mary has Alzheimers and it isn’t going away. The two are very close and Hope helps her Nanna do chores around the home and makes sure she takes her medication on time. Hope believes that her Nanna will get better one day but Mary knows her Alzheimers will only get worse. She takes Hope to her day care centre so her granddaughter can better understand the condition and Mary helps to prepare her for the day she won’t be able to continue to look after her.

Joshua is 11 and lives in Essex with his family. He is very close to his grandad and it upsets Joshua when his grandad can’t remember things that have happened in the past. He’s scared that one day his grandad won’t remember him, so Josh creates a special memory box for his grandad’s birthday, packed full of photos and significant items from his past to keep his memories alive.

Ella’s grandad is living in a care home. He’s had Alzheimers for several years now and is unable to cope on his own. As he faces his first Christmas in the care home, 11 year-old Ella, who lives in the West Midlands, is desperate to do something to help. She decides to complete a ten mile sponsored walk to raise money for Dementia UK - and her grandad is at the finishing line to meet her, with open arms and a tear in his eye. Ella is delighted to see him and even more delighted to have raised so much money for such a good cause.

My Life: Mr Alzheimers and Me was made by Tigerlily Films.