Waterloo Road

Ep 12/20

Monday 12 January



As part of his plan to save the school, Vaughan launches a new bike bank.

Scott and Kevin go head to head with disastrous results and Christine and Lorna disagree over who should run the new school PTA.

Determined to show that Waterloo Road is a vital part of the community, Vaughan launches Waterloo Wheelers, a free loaning scheme allowing everyone to borrow a bike. But Scott is only interested in Dale’s expensive pro-bikes and when he crashes one and Kevin steps up to challenge him, there are serious consequences.

The teachers are worried about their jobs in light of the threatened merger. Lorna suggests starting a PTA but immediately clashes with Christine over who should run it.

Audrey has received a mysterious cash windfall, Kenzie wants Lorna to take over her literacy classes and Vaughan surprises Olga by making her an offer.

Vaughan is played by Neil Pearson, Scott by Andrew Still, Kevin by Tommy Lawrence Knight, Christine by Laurie Brett, Lorna by Laura Aikman, Dale by Finlay MacMillan, Audrey by Georgie Glen, Kenzie by Charlotte Beaumont and Olga by Pookie Quesnel.

Waterloo Road is made for Headstrong Pictures for BBC One through BBC Scotland.

Network and Scottish Publicity: Lee Beattie & Eva Cook, Wire Media

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