The Musketeers

Confirmed for BBC One on 2 January at 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Friday 2 January



The Musketeers return with more sword-fighting action and thrilling adventures.

The Musketeers are sent to retrieve the Comte de Rochefort, the Cardinal’s man in Madrid who has escaped from a Spanish Prison. Rochefort brings news that the chief author of France’s military strategy against Spain, General De Foix, has been captured.

The Musketeers must join forces with Rochefort to rescue De Foix before this critical information falls into the wrong hands, but can Rochefort be trusted, and will the Musketeers succeed against the traps laid for them?

CAST: Luke Pasqualino is D’Artagnan, Tom Burke is Athos, Howard Charles is Porthos, Santiago Cabrera is Aramis, Hugo Speer is Captain Treville, Ryan Gage is King Louis, Alexandra Dowling is Queen Anne, Maimie McCoy is Milady, Tamla Kari is Constance, Marc Warren is Comte de Rochefort, Dominic Mafham is General De Foix, Olivia Llewellyn is Lucie De Foix, Bo Poraj is Jacques-Michel Bonacieux and Andy Lucas is Alvarez.