New Year's Day Concert From Vienna

Thursday 1 January



Conductor Zubin Mehta presents the Vienna Philharmonic’s world-famous New Year’s Day concert, from the Golden Hall at the Wiener Musikverein in Vienna.

The concert marks Mehta’s fifth occasion to lead this special event in his long standing relationship with the orchestra, conducting works by Franz von Suppé, Johann Strauss, Jr., Josef Strauss, Eduard Strauss, Johann Strauss, sen., and Hans Christian Lumbye.

The first half of the concert will also be broadcast on BBC Four, and the second half on BBC Two.



Part 1

Suppé: Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna

Johann Strauss: Tales from the Orient

Josef Strauss: Viennese Life

Eduard Strauss: Where one Laughs and Lives

Josef Strauss: Village Swallows from Austria

Johann Strauss: By the shores of the Danube




Part 2

Johann Strauss: Perpetuum mobile

Johann Strauss: Acceleration waltz

Johann strauss: Electro-magnetic polka

Eduard Strauss: At full steam

Johann Strauss: On the Elbe

Johann Strauss: Beloved Anna Polka

Lumbye: Champagne Galop

Johann Strauss: My Life is Love and Laughter

Johann Strauss Snr: Freedom march

Johann Strauss: Wine, women and song

Eduard Strauss: With Style polka


Vienna Philharmonic

Zubin Mehta (Conductor)


Presenter / Petroc Trelawny, Producer / Janet Tuppen for the BBC

BBC Radio 3 Publicity