Mrs Brown's Boys

Confirmed for BBC One on 1 January at 9.35pm to 10.10pm

Thursday 1 January



After a spate of burglaries in the local area, Agnes is determined to make sure she doesn’t fall victim to the recent crime wave. Not only has she fitted a reinforced steel bolt to her back door, but she’s asked Buster Brady to install a state-of-the-art alarm system. If only Buster didn’t get all his gear off the back of a van.

When Dermot’s hopes are dashed after the bank refuses him a loan to set up his own promotions business, Agnes is determined to rescue her son’s dreams. However, the only way she can think of to get her hands on the ten thousand euros he needs is to win the local Poker tournament. But will she ever be able to beat her arch nemesis and reigning Poker champion Hilliary Nicholson?

Cathy is feeling broody and decides to pursue unconventional means to get pregnant. Agnes is left reeling at Cathy’s announcement but a lovelorn Buster spots an opportunity.