Mapp And Lucia

Confirmed for BBC One on 29 December at 9.05pm to 10.05pm

Ep 1/3

Monday 29 December



It is mid-summer in Tilling and Miss Elizabeth Mapp (Miranda Richardson), the town’s resident schemer and woman of great self-importance, is anticipating a special guest.

As per accepted tradition in Tilling, Mapp is leasing her beautiful Queen Anne House to Mrs Emmeline Lucas (known to her friends as Lucia) (Anna Chancellor) for the summer months. Mapp is only too keen to proudly boast about her new tenant and the town residents are suitably enamoured by the apparently cultured newcomer.

However, on this occasion Mapp’s bitten off far more than she can chew. Lucia is the resident Queen of her home town; vain, selfish, imperious and, in short, a glorious snob. Now recently widowed, she sees Tilling as the perfect opportunity to end her grieving and reintegrate herself into society once more, all the while ably assisted by her devoted best friend, Georgie Pillson (Steve Pemberton).

Whilst Mapp hopes to ‘run’ Lucia and mete her out to her fellow Tillingites, Lucia is completely her own woman and will retaliate by charming and bullying her way into their lives. Mapp’s position at the heart of Tilling’s social circle is under threat, not only has she been forced to downgrade to best friend Diva’s (Felicity Montagu) substantially smaller cottage but now she seems to be losing control of the masses.

The residents of Tilling can only watch as Mapp faces off against Lucia in an ever spiralling warfare that spans garden produce, bridge and a fund-raising fete. Tilling cannot possibly contain these two women, let battle commence and the worst woman win!