Len Goodman Investigates: Glenn Miller, 70 Years Of Mystery

Monday 22 December



The programme, presented by Len Goodman, investigates the mysterious phenomenon of Glenn Miller - the biggest selling recording artist in the world between 1939 and 1943 and who 70 years later, still remains one of the top sellers in the world.

What is it that gives him this enduring appeal? The facts surrounding his meteoric rise have been extremely well documented over the years. What’s more interesting is why his music achieved even greater popularity after World War II and has continued to attract new listeners around the world.

One hugely important factor has to be his mysterious disappearance while on a routine flight over the English Channel on 15 December 1944 - the plane simply vanished into the fog.

A heady cocktail of the romantic Miller music laced with nostalgia and a huge dollop of wide-eyed, grim fascination as to what actually happened to that plane. The programme will investigate further and feature some of the best big band music ever performed and listen to exclusive eye witnesses to musical history who will paint an accurate picture of the real Glenn Miller, 70 years after he disappeared.

Presenter/ Len Goodmann, Producer/ Graham Pass for Ping Productions