Call The Midwife

Confirmed for BBC One on 25 December at 7.50pm to 9.00pm

Thursday 25 December



The episode opens in 2005 with Jennifer Worth at home preparing for Christmas with husband Philip. She reminisces about the friends and colleagues of her youth at Nonnatus House, and as she talks, we cut back to 1960.

Rehearsals are underway for the Sunday School Christmas Concert, and while Chummy tries to choreograph dancing snowflakes, Trixie sets to work designing a Father Christmas outfit for Fred to wear. Chummy is enlisted to help run a poorly managed mother and baby home, and with Patsy's help succeeds in bringing some Christmas joy into the residents' lives.

Cynthia is drawn deeply into a case concerning two former residents of a Victorian mental hospital who have been left to fend for themselves, and are barely coping. This causes Cynthia to make a life changing decision.

There is but one question in all of their hearts, though it goes unspoken - what will 1960 bring?