Andrew O'Neill: Pharmacist Baffler

Ep 1/2

Tuesday 16 December



Comic Andrew O'Neill is a transvestite or a ‘pharmacist baffler’. He is also married and in a steam-punk band. Using his own experiences, Andrew examines gender identity.

Combining audience interaction, stand-up shows and personal experiences, he discusses gender identity from a transvestite's point of view, and talks about his experiences growing up. His humorous take on these difficult and thought-provoking issues both delight and occasionally shock his audience.

Andrew is one of the most interesting and articulate voices on the circuit. He came out as a transvestite when he was 19, and now cross-dresses about half the time (the British Union Of Transvestites requires the individual to cross-dress at least three days out of the seven). Andrew wears make-up and jewellery and has long hair. He's usually dressed in black, has lots of tattoos, plays in a steam-punk band and has always been heterosexual. He's married and only ever fancies women. This makes him and Eddie Izzard the only out cross-dressing comics in the country.

In the series Andrew looks at where people get their ideas about what gender is, and what it should look like; how a person’s sexuality is defined; and how other people's sexuality continues to fascinate people, and not necessarily in a good way.

Written and performed by Andrew O’ Neill with on-stage help from Stephen Carlin.

Producer/ Alison Vernon Smith for the BBC

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