Master And Commander

Ep 1-5/6

Monday 8 December to Friday 12 December



This week it is 100 years since the birth of the novelist and translator and author of Master And Commander, Patrick O’Brian (born December 12, 1914).

September 1800, Rosia Bay, Gibraltar. The newly commissioned, Jack Aubrey nervously awaits the verdict in his Court Martial for the loss of his ship, the Sophie.

Master And Commander, went on to be a film directed by Peter Weir and starring Russell Crowe in 2003.

Tying in with Radio 4’s Bookclub (Sunday 7 December 4pm & Thursday 11 December 3.30pm) in which James Naughtie discusses Master and Commander with Allan Mallinson and a live audience.

First broadcast on Radio 4 in 1995.

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