The Passing Bells

The Passing Bells

Ep 1/5

Monday 3 November



Deep in the countryside, Michael and Katie are young and in love, as yet untouched by rumours of war. In a small town, delivery boy Thomas is equally oblivious to the rumblings of conflict coming from the continent. But as the news trickles through to their small communities, both boys are inspired by the thought of heroic deeds and foreign lands.

When war is announced, both Michael and Thomas defy their parents and slip out to the recruitment office, alongside thousands of other young men. As the boys don their uniforms, we see that Thomas is a British soldier and Michael is German. Each set of parents struggle to cope with their children’s deception. Rifts between their mothers and fathers cast a cloud over the boys’ final days at home.

Apprehensive of what lies ahead, Tommy and Michael set off for training. Michael makes friends easily with upright Freddie, scruffy Stefan, joker Lanzo and earnest Rudi, but that doesn’t stop him from missing Katie. Meanwhile, shy Tommy finds his niche with joker Cyril, gambling man Anthony, womanizer Kev and funny man Ben. But reality bites as the boys get their first taste of the trenches.

Paddy Gibson plays Thomas, Jack Lowden plays Michael, Wilf Scolding plays Freddie, Hubert Burton plays Cyril, Charles Furness plays Stefan, Felix Auer plays Lanzo, Johnny Gibson plays Rudi, Adam Long plays Anthony, Ben McGregor plays Kevin and Sabrina Bartlett plays Katie.