The Furchester Hotel

Ep 1/13



Day and time to be confirmed

The Furchester Hotel is a brand-new children’s series aimed at three to six year-olds from CBeebies and Sesame Workshop. The sitcom follows a close-knit family of cheerfully incompetent Muppet monsters who own and operate an 'almost' world-class hotel.

The proprietors are Funella Furchester, her loving husband, Furgus Fuzz and their daughter, the unflappable Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz. The Furchester family is joined at the hotel by Phoebe’s cousin Elmo, who is on an extended visit, and Cookie Monster, who has landed his dream job as room service and dining-room waiter.

The Furchester family want to make a video promoting the hotel. A director comes to shoot the video but thinks the family have so many problems with the hotel and their guests that it will deter potential visitors. He learns to appreciate, however, that the Furchesters always find creative ways to solve their problems and they have a hotel full of happy guests - and this is what he captures in the video, which the family love.

The Furchester Hotel aims to promote and build creative problem-solving skills for its young viewers. As the Furchester family scramble to meet the needs of their guests, the monsters use their exceptional thinking skills to brainstorm possible solutions to problems that arise. And even when they think they have exhausted all the possibilities, their perseverance prevails because their family motto is 'A Furchester never gives up!'