The Forum: Challenging Assumptions

In this edition of The Forum on BBC World Service, Samira Ahmed explores what it really means to challenge received wisdom and asks whether companies are all vying to show they are thinking outside the box, while also pressuring their employees to do so.

Samira is joined by Steven Levitt, Chicago University economics professor and Freakonomics author, who suggests that to solve problems in a creative way, we first need to realise that ‘It’s in the data, stupid.’

Meanwhile, Danish futurist Anne Lise Kjaer says that although Denmark is perceived as a country of melancholy, taciturn people and dark TV crime thrillers, the Danish way of happiness – at work and in life – has much to teach us all.

Finally, Ian Goldin, Director of Oxford Martin School, argues that, as well as bringing benefits, globalisation also poses significant risks of all kinds. Samira hears his surprising conclusion that to mitigate these risks, we need more globalisation, not less of it.

Throughout the programme, Samira discovers a range of different insights into subjects such as selling shoes, potty training a child and charging a lot of money to give advice. Assume nothing on this week’s Forum.

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DateSaturday, 14 June 2014
Time10:00 PM -
11:00 PM